Oil drama Dallas makes comeback

hagman rexfeatures_1278947e.jpgThe oil industry’s flagship TV drama series, Dallas, is set to return with a revived cast including Larry Hagman (79) from the original 1970s series.


Since the Blog never followed the original TV soap opera – but does remember the suspense of “Who killed JR?” – it is at a loss to understand why the show is being brought back.


Is there a new generation clamouring for more glitzy oil-related family intrigue on TV?

Is there a shortage of new ideas for non-crime TV series?

Has $100/barrel oil made us all hungry for oil-based docu-dramas?

Will there be an incessant parade of 1970s remakes, like Hawai Five-O, which is currently getting good reviews for its new version?


(photo Larry Hagman: Rex)

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