PHOTOS: ICIS World Base Oils Conference 2011

The ICIS World Base Oils Conference in London is in full swing on Thursday afternoon. I slip in after the lunch break to catch the Lukoil and Orlen papers.
Setting aside the content (see covering article on ICIS news) the Lukoil paper is the last word in fancy presentation: there’s a video clip of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, some useful maps showing all the familiar petchem locations – Nizhnekamsk, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod - with moving graphics and cities which spring up and twinkle. Visually the Blog would judge that one of the best presentations ever seen.

Thanks to Sarah Harvey from the conference team for getting a new camera to take these photos for the Blog.

baseoils 2a.jpgbaseoils 3.jpgbaseoils 4.jpgbaseoils 5.jpgbaseoils 1.jpg

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