Snowglobes are not allowed on flights

“Snowglobes are not allowed on any flights,” according to a sign at security at departures in Houston IAH airport.


That’s all. Nothing about liquids, guns or explosives – just snowglobes.


It suggests that snowglobe incidents have been giving airline officials some trouble recently.


The Blog resisted taking a photo of the sign, not wishing to be detained in a small room like fellow traveller Dan B, who was once kept in a room at IAH for four hours because he had failed to record the street number of his hotel on his immigration form.


Houston’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website is clear on the subject:


Snow Globes: We are not in cahoots with the Heat Miser, but snow globes are not permitted in your carry-on luggage. They are sealed containers full of liquid that would have to be opened and destroyed to test. We’re not in the business of busting snow globes, so we suggest you place them in your checked baggage or mail them ahead of time.


All this must come as a disappointment to anyone buying a Houston snowglobe at the airport souvenir shop.


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