The Consultant – a Faustian tale of management consultancy

consultant Latchmere Theatre503.jpgRestructuring and rationalisation in the petchem business provides plenty of scope for consultants of all kinds to move in and sell us the benefits of their wisdom and experience.


The Blog has more than a passing acquaintance with a few petchem consultants, as fellow bloggers or co-organisers of conferences, or publishing consultants to our business.


In fact ICIS itself now has its own fully fledged consultancy operation since the majority acquisition of CBI.


But what do management consultants do? The commonly held view is that they come in, ask you about your job and what you would do to make it better, then they sell your own advice back to you, and charge a lot of money in the process.


And then sometimes they go away and write a play about it.


“The Consultant” opens in London on 23 March 2011, written by an erstwhile editorial consultant to ICIS. It is “a Faustian tale for the age of austerity.”


The Blog will be there to witness this, flanked by supportive co-workers, but not on the opening night, which is cunningly set during NPRA week.


Watch this space. [Insert scathing review here ...]

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