March EPL Brussels: new Hilton same as old Hilton

thehotel_lobby_1 Brussels.jpgThe Blog spent a few hours at the March EPL in Brussels on Thursday morning, after the ICIS 6th World Olefins Conference on Wednesday.


At breakfast in the Sofitel, across Boulevard de Waterloo from the EPL hotel, it was obvious that a lot of EPL-goers had chosen to stay at the Sofitel and have their morning meetings there.


The renamed Hilton – “The Hotel” – has had its lobby renovated, but that is the only change that could be detected under its new ownership. Truong informed me that the rooms are unchanged and poorly lit. The famously poky and smoky bar is now a non-smoking area, but the Blog hears that the decades of smoke are so deeply ingrained in the carpets that the smell is pretty much unchanged.


The staff on the concierge desk are still as unhelpful as ever, refusing to accept non-residents’ suitcases into the left luggage.


EPL members are keen to move to another Brussels hotel, and the summer meeting will be at a Marriott in Copenhagen, on the waterfront and close to the Tivoli Gardens, a committee member tells me.  But then it’s back to Brussels for the December meeting, then Amsterdam for March 2012.


So far, the EPL committee is holding three options for the June 2012 summer meeting: Istanbul, Nice or Barcelona, in that order, he adds.


(photo: The Hotel, Brussels


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One Response to March EPL Brussels: new Hilton same as old Hilton

  1. Nicolas Verbrugghe 24 March, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    Dear Mrs. Ortner,

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nicolas Verbrugghe and I am the Director of Business Experience at The Hotel, Brussels. We found your blog entry while searching for our hotel information on the internet and would like to take this opportunity to comment your entry.

    As you mention in your article, our ownership and management has changed since the beginning of February. We are currently in the process of re-branding and re-positioning The Hotel. This change does not happen over-night as we need to take the social and economical climate that surrounds us into account. Important decisions are being made every day and we are doing our utmost to guarantee a high level of service and standards.

    Our lobby was indeed the first public area to get a ‘facelift’, and I can assure you that the renovations and refurbishments of the other areas of the hotel (restaurants, banquet rooms, guest rooms..) will follow in the very near future.

    As you most probably are aware of, we work closely together with the European Commission and have had the privilege of accommodating very important personalities. We aim to provide a secure environment and are therefore not allowed to store any items from non-residents. We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience for you.

    It is unfortunate that your experience at The Hotel was not up to your expectations as we try to satisfy our guests and their needs on a daily basis.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any further questions and comments or if I can be of any additional assistance.

    Best regards,
    Nicolas Verbrugghe

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