New places to go in San Antonio

san antonio banners 2011 IMG00081.jpgGreetings from San Antonio, Texas where it’s a hair-curling 32 deg C at 7pm on Friday evening and the Riverwalk is busier than a mainline London train station at rush hour.


The NPRA banners are flying side by side with the NCAA basketball banners on the street lamp posts.


Ignatio S was here last week for the oil NPRA, and has given the Blog recommendations for all the new places where the oil companies held their parties. The Blog has been for a steamy stroll around town to check them out. The first thing to note is that everywhere is packed, with weekend tourists, children, basketball fans, guys in uniform from the local US Air Force base, and a few early NPRA delegates.


The second thing is that the Riverwalk cafes seem to have extended further out, and some of the nicest places are a good hike away from the main conference hotels. In addition to all the places reviewed here before, these are Iggy’s recommendations:


Mexican Manhattan on Soledad

Havana Cigar Bar in the boutique Hotel Havana


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  1. Barbara Ortner 27 March, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    MikeBoudreaux @barbaraortner: My favorites in SATX: Zuni Grill, Boudros, Acenar, and of course Casa Rio. (about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry)

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