Olefins Conference 2011 – memorable slides

Here are a couple of memorable slides from the day:


wood mac 1.png

ineos dog 2.jpg1 Wood Mackenzie: Crude Oil Scenarios


2 Ineos: Tail of the Dog


Our own William Lemos got a good laugh when he showed “the best loved picture in America,” – a map of all the shale gas deposits across the USA, including my own favourite, “the Liquids Fairway.”


On a side note, the Blog couldn’t help but notice that the guy in the next seat, from a well-known company, spent a large part of the day carefully folding sheets of paper from his notepad into paper aeroplanes, and making paper “fortune-teller” origami with knife-sharp creases. Another delegate at the back had coloured in every rounded letter on the cover of the bound booklet of conference papers.


Still, the Blog didn’t see anyone asleep at the conference, as we have seen at some events. In their defence, we should note that the sleepers are usually suffering from jetlag or over-indulgence in local customs, or both.


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