Play-Doh car sculpture in London

play-doh car independent.jpgThis Play-Doh sculpture of the new Chevrolet Orlando, parked in central London, caught my eye in last night’s Evening Standard.

The bright blue car is the world’s biggest Play-Doh model and is built as a PR stunt to grab the attention of family folk who might be in the market for a family-friendly car.

It took eight model makers two weeks to construct from 1.5 tonnes of Play-Doh, surely the world’s second most popular petrochemical toy (after Lego.)

The top secret formula of Play-Doh, which smells so good but tastes less so, is said to contain wheat flour, water, salt and “some sort of petroleum distillate,” according to “The 50 Year History of Play-Doh.”

(photo Independent)


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