The desire to be “out on jury duty”

twelve angry men IMDB.jpgThe green blogger Doris in our New York office will be out on jury duty this week, she wrote on her blog “ICIS Green Chemicals” yesterday.


She says she is glad to do her patriotic duty, and she has a link to a spoof blog posting on ways to spice up the jury selection process, which I can imagine was written by someone who was excruciatingly bored by the whole procedure.


Meanwhile, I live in hope of being one day selected. In my entire circle of family, friends and work colleagues, Doris is only the second person I have ever heard of who has been chosen.


As a fan of crime and courtroom dramas, I want to see how real life stacks up against “Twelve Angry Men,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Rumpole of the Bailey.”


My brother-in-law did jury service a few years ago, and his only tip was: don’t wear a suit.

(photo: IMDB)


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