When demand outstrips supply: the iPad 2

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After a spot of early morning waiting in line at the Apple store at the Houston Galleria, three of my Shanghai colleagues were able to buy themselves six of the much sought-after iPad 2, and we are using them to demonstrate ICIS reports to visitors and ICIS staff alike.


The Blog listened open-mouthed to the tactics deployed by both buyers and seller. The buyers got up very early, and stood in line for a couple of hours. In return, the Apple store allowed only the people who’d been queuing to get a voucher for a purchase. They were then allowed to buy only the top of the range G3 model, which was $200 more than the lower spec model. The store then said they were sold out for the day.


Having heard stories from petchem buyers on Sunday about how difficult it was to secure volumes in the recent tight markets in some products, it is interesting to think about what it would be like if chemical suppliers used these same tactics.


ICIS pricing information look good on the iPad 2, Luke showed me in the ICIS suite on Sunday afternoon at NPRA.


The Chemicals Confidential Blog looked rather smart too on Luke’s iPad (white with a beige leather snap on cover), and I was pretty impressed at the demo when the iPad called his iPhone and we could see each other live on the screens via the built-in cameras.

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