First morning at APIC Fukuoka

The 7.30 shuttle bus from the satellite hotels to the conference ploughs through the rain on the elevated highway, from which we get the scenic view of the city. I feel it is not quite what I had imagined in the phrase “hot springs resort.”


It is quite common to see people in the streets in face masks, but at the Hyatt I see a man holding a breakfast meeting with a face mask over his mouth, which must seriously impede his ability to talk or eat.


ICIS has a businesslike stand in the press area at the Hilton, and a rather glam suite just off the main lobby – the Red Gazelle, which is a bar by night, and conjures up a pleasantly fleet of foot image for us. Everywhere is slightly smoky.


I’m envious that some of the delegates have come down from Tokyo on the bullet train, which sounds like the perfect way to see the country.


I catch a few of the morning presentations, and am reminded that there is no point in showing a flattering photo of yourself to people who can see what you really look like.


The most memorable slide is one of Chinese protesters holding placards. They were not protesting about jobs: they were looking for employees.


In a morning meeting, I hear an interesting snippet about a well-known “trader move,” but am enjoined to keep it under wraps until July.


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