How to make a complaint

At the check-in desk at the BA airport lounge there is a card propped up: “Our staff are entitled to work in an abuse-free environment …”


What a shameful comment on the behaviour of business travellers. The ground stewardess tells me the school holidays are the worst, with parents wanting to bring more than one guest into the lounge, often their whole families. It is pretty bad that business travellers are prepared to behave badly in front of their children.


I am a great believer in the written complaint, or even the written compliment for good service, because at least it will reach the right person. The BA warning card makes me think it would be a good idea to have an equivalent phone message you could switch on selectively for in-coming calls from difficult people.


Lots of businesses already have a recorded message you have to wait through before you are connected – generally about calls being recorded for training purposes, or trying to up-sell new products.


I am already drafting my recorded message: “Value your call … bla, bla …thank you for taking the time … bla, bla … other market players may not necessarily agree with your opinions … watch your mouth!” I’ll have to get Marketing to finesse that.

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