New foods #1 – Congee and mini-fruits

mini mango.jpgHotel buffet breakfasts are a safe and unthreatening place to try new dishes without risking offence to one’s hosts. So the Blog is proud to have at last tried the traditional Chinese breakfast of congee (gruel-like rice porridge) with marmite-flavoured tofu, pickles and something red and salty.


The Blog is not averse to salty breakfasts, even very early in the morning, but the red stuff was probably a step too far for a complete beginner. Apart from that, it isn’t a bad way to start the day.


The highlight of the Chinese breakfast buffet was however the array of tropical fruits including some miniature mangoes, small enough to fit on a dessert spoon, and some tiny plums, the size of a cherry. Both were quite hard work, with the stones constituting most of the fruit, but worth it for flavour and presentation, if not nutritional value.

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