Royal Wedding holidays – April is the shortest month

The Blog has been on holiday for a large chunk of April, resulting in fewer than usual postings.


First there was a nice long vacation at the beginning of the month to coincide with the university holidays. Then there was this year’s epic “11 for 3″ holiday at the end of the month, when 6 million UK workers took advantage of the two Easter bank holidays, then the Royal Wedding-to-May Day bank holiday combination, to enjoy some fantastic weather or grab some long-haul flights for big family holidays.


As a result, the Blog’s tally of postings for April 2011 was unusually low, as shown in the monthly archive column on the right. The usual monthly total is around 25-30, but this April it was a paltry 10. (Formula: number of postings > number of days worked.)


The number of visitors to the Blog was also down, proving that typical readers do it at their desks during working hours. Nonetheless, one striking feature this month is the popularity of the “Who’s Who-style” job moves items. April was a good month for these, and the Blog is grateful to all those who moved job in the last month, particularly those who keep moving job and providing plenty of blogging material.



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  1. David 3 May, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Barbara – pleased to be able to provide fodder for the blog but I sincerely plan on being where I am for a while!! Cheers

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