Solar-powered plane takes 12-hour flight from Switzerland to Brussels


Solar Impulse, the world’s only totally solar powered plane, is expected to fly from Switzerland to Brussels tomorrow and you can watch it all on a live App.


The project is supported by Solvay and Bayer Material Science among others, and none of them seem concerned about the unpropitious date of Friday 13 May.


In a press release today, they said that the weather was looking good, and that the plane would be taking off from Payerne, Switzerland at around 06:00 and would be landing at Brussels airport some time after 21:00 hours. So the flight should last approximately 12 hours, they said – not ideal for business travel, but pretty impressive for a plane powered purely by the sun.


Journalists are being invited to attend the landing at Brussels and even offered the chance of in-flight interviews with the pilot.

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