Speculation on the way to APIC

As we travel towards Fukuoka, we pick up an entourage of chemical travellers. Expectations for the conference are mixed.


One conference speaker was told by APIC a week ago that registrations were lower than expected, at just over 1,300*, so the print runs for conference programmes had been reduced.


He also observes that, with the recent consolidation among petrochemical consultancies, the conference programme now consists of multiple sessions from the same company, and that this will have to be addressed before the next APIC.


petronas towers.jpgThe next APIC, in 2012, should be held in Malaysia, he adds.


Our Chinese companions are concerned about the risk of further earthquakes while we are there. And one recent visitor to Japan notes that citizens were dimming lights and running aircon at lower rates to support the reconstruction effort.


(* This was revised to over 1,400 in an announcement at the APIC Farewell Party on 27 May 2011.)


(photo: Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


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