“Are we living in a bubble?” – EPL Copenhagen

IMG00110.jpgA man in a bubble briefly drew the attention of EPL delegates holding their meetings on the terrace of the Copenhagen Marriott on Thursday afternoon.


“Are we living in a bubble?” “The bubble bursts,” and various other bubble-related clichés were suggested by one passing Benelux trader, after discussions of the downturn in chemical activity in Q2 and ominous macro-economic indicators for Q3.



Aside from business, hot topics at the industry gathering were:


  • relocating to Switzerland – how expensive it is and who does or doesn’t want to go;
  • more traders’ children coming into the business – this time Peter D’s son Guy, and Elvira’s daughter Vanessa;
  • how herring is a very fine food;
  • why Copenhagen has such a huge airport – answer: it is the main airport for both Denmark and Sweden;
  • how everyone was too busy eating herring to see the historic lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening;
  • how having a new CEO can be a time-consuming business;
  • how wearing a pastel-coloured suit can make you look like “The Saint.”


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