Copenhagen EPL dinner – a 12-point programme

“The Arab Spring” must have seemed like a timely and educational topic for the EPL after-dinner speech, but as the elderly speaker read his way though a list of 12 illustrative points, the rumblings of discontent grew louder from the tables at the back.


Relief mixed with hilarity after the dinner ended on a chocolate high.


“When you’ve done 15 meetings in a day, you just can’t sit through 40 points,” said one trader, exaggerating slightly.


From the Blog’s vantage point of the second table, some diners at the front could be seen listening attentively with their eyes shut tight.


The dinner had a strong attendance of 170, but there were words of admonishment for those who were there for the event but had gone elsewhere to sample Danish cuisine in the evening, from the EPL chairman in his welcoming speech.


The dinner with its customary informative speech was the raison d’être of the EPL, and by not attending, those delegates were undermining its very existence, he warned.


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