Interactive APIC digital magazine

APIC_Cover_ICIS 2011.gifThe pile of APIC presentation booklets and CDs is still high on my desk, but the post-APIC digital publication from ICIS and Chemical Daily, with all its multi-media interviews from the event has already gone out to delegates.


I’ve been listening on my headphones to the interviews, even if some of them are in Japanese or Chinese with subtitles, and admiring the way the bright colours and panoramic shots create a rather heightened version of the conference. I particularly like the way the magazine launches, with a rising red Japanese sun – full marks guys for style. And the “APIC in pictures” is great for people with short attention spans who like to spot people they know (that would be me.) And as for the outdoor shots of the hotel with blue skies – I don’t know when those shots were taken, but it wasn’t during the conference.

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