On Factor 70 sunscreen

While NPRA delegates were stocking up on jeans and Ralph Lauren shorts at the San Marcos mall on the way to San Antonio, the Blog was under orders to track down something altogether more modest: sunscreen.


Fair-skinned Blog Daughter had heard that in America you could buy Factor 50 sunscreen, so joy was unconfined when the Walgreens aisles revealed not only Factor 50 but also the previously unheard of Factor 70 and Factor 100.


“What is it, paint?” asked one colleague.


“You know it doesn’t mean anything after Factor 30,” said an unconvinced chemistry type.


Now it is official. An article in today’s FT (“Sunscreen makers feel heat of FDA reforms“) reveals that the FDA has noted after 13 years of deliberation “a lack of evidence showing that higher protection levels reduce the risk of sun cancer.” It is now considering limiting the max SPF rating to 50, and banning the description “waterproof.”


So it’s back into the shadows for us then.


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