The Noma boys are here

What is the point of going to the “best restaurant in the world,” if you can’t tell everyone about it?


One group abjured the delights of the EPL dinner in Copenhagen on Thursday evening to visit Noma (as predicted by the Blog six months ago.)


Other delegates said that the diners had made sure to inform everyone else in advance.


“I hadn’t heard from him in months, but he sends me a one-line yahoo last week to say he was going to Noma,” one delegate said mockingly.


The one-line yahoo appeared to have been sent to multiple recipients.


Shortly after midnight, and following the EPL dinner, the calm of the Copenhagen Marriott bar was shattered by the triumphant return of the Noma diners.


“The Noma boys are here,” they shouted on arrival, while another trader sniffed at their suits and claimed to detect the strong scent of chip shop.

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