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marinabay IMG_0118.jpgWhat was it like? That was the first question facing reporters returning to the Singapore and London offices after the first ICIS conference at the renowned Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. More than the papers on chlor-alkali markets, everyone wanted to hear about the hotel. Was it fabulous? Did you go in the rooftop pool?


The smug answers were yes and yes. The only criticism they made was that it was a very long walk from the hotel rooms in the main hotel to the conference rooms in the linked convention centre. The wi-fi connection in the convention centre was so feeble that reporters had to make the 15-minute hike back to their rooms to file copy.


Another observation was that the attendance thinned out during the first afternoon, as some delegates disappeared to the pool for some more casual networking.


One UK-based trader said he’d chosen to stay instead at the new boutique-style Fullerton Bay Hotel, across the harbour from the Sands, where the rooftop poolside bar was less spectacular but less crowded with tourists.


Click here for news from the World Chlor-alkali Conference in Singapore - organised by ICIS and Tecnon OrbiChem, 23-24 June 2011

Photos by Oliver Palmer of RBI Conferences

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