Men’s tour dates T-shirts

world tour t shirt.pngWhat is it with men and T-shirts listing concert tour dates?


On the way to a John Mellencamp concert, there are men sporting tour-date T-shirts for other bands. They are saying, “Look at me, I’ve been to other gigs too.”


Then in the venue itself, the crush around the T-shirt counter is greater than around the bar. These guys want to remember this special evening and show off to similar minded people about where they’ve been. They want to show that they are part of a defined group, a fan base. I’m never going to do this, but I do at least understand it. It’s a souvenir, like an “I ♥ New York” T-shirt.


Strangest of all, some of the guys buy their T-shirts then put them on straight away to go in to the concert. What is going on here? They don’t just want to watch the band, they want to BE the band.


Is there scope for petchem conference organisers to offer tour T-shirts: “Brussels, Brussels, Berlin, Brussels …”

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