Rhine water levels: nothing to say

wikimedia 800px-Mannheim_Rheinpromenade.jpgThe Rhine is sparkling in the late evening sun as we settle down with a glass of local Weißer Burgunder in the chilly blast of the wind off the river. A few other patrons of Rheinterrassen are already wrapped in furry red blankets on this fine summer’s evening.


That staple of ICIS news, the Rhine water level, has not been in the headlines recently (not since May) and the river is looking perfectly full. At this bend in the river, barges and canoes are passing without a care in the world.


Most summers we write numerous articles on the Rhine low water level and how it hinders the shipment of chemicals by barge in and out of the chemical plants along the Rhine. The lack of these articles in June and July is a clear indicator of the cool wet summer we have been having in northwest Europe.


photo of Rhine at Mannheim, Germany: wikimedia


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