Seal Sands has real seals

seals at seal sands BBC.jpgSeal Sands, famous for its chemical storage tanks on the UK’s east coast, is full of seals, the Blog hears from hairdresser Michael (47) in an unexpected departure from the traditional hairdressing topics of holidays, local scandal and hair.


He is telling me about dolphin and whale watching in Spain, when he drops into the conversation that Seal Sands is the place to go to see hundreds of seals.


What, Seal Sands with its 220,000 cubic metres of chemical storage in 111 tanks, not to mention site of largescale acrylonitrile production? A haven for wildlife?


The best place to see the seals is on a sandbank at low tide, and if you take a boat out, the sea is teeming with them, Michael, a native of Hartlepool, tells the Blog while wielding his circular brush.


Photo: Seals at Seal Sands –


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