Wales implements levy on plastic bags

plastic bag.bmpThe long-planned levy by Wales on plastic bags is now coming into effect in an attempt to curb the number of bags in circulation.


From October 2011 the charge per bag will be 5p, instead of the original 7p proposed, but in a last-minute concession, the Welsh Government has announced that shops employing fewer than ten people will not have to keep records of the carrier bag levy.


Larger businesses will be required to keep track of how many plastic bags they sell, and to account for what is done with the money from the sale of the bags.


Wales is the first UK country to introduce a compulsory fee for plastic bags.


Meanwhile, conspicuously non-plastic collectible bags have been changing hands on eBay since Anya Hindmarch launched her iconic “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” bag in late 2007, followed by a slew of knock-off copies.


photo: poshaccessories

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