Brave new food – durian mooncakes

durian mooncakes.jpgIt is time to give durian fruit another chance. A stall outside the Marriott Singapore on the corner of Orchard Road is selling a variety of mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival, and one of them is “Snowskin Mooncake Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian.”


I’m up for that, although not a presentation box of eight for Sing $58. I don’t think my family would be grateful recipients, since our feelings towards durian were poisoned forever in the late 90s when I took my small children for a durian smoothie at a stall in Millennia Tower. We were so unanimous in our revulsion at the long-lingering taste that none of us has ever tried it again.


This evening I bravely tried a sample spoonful of the durian filling and, although I can still taste it an hour later, it really wasn’t bad at all. Quite nice really.


Call the Marriott Mooncake Hotline (!) at +65 6831 4708

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  1. Al Greenwood 12 August, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Your family didn’t like the durian smoothie?

    The yogurt, milk or whatever else they mixed with the durian must have been bad.

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