First ICIS Decathlon champ crowned

Champ (2).jpgJoe Chang in ICIS New York has won the first ever ICIS Decathlon and writes this characteristically modest account …


Two years, one pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, bruised egos, and countless regrets culminating in one spectacular bar fight, has finally resulted in a winner in the 1st ICIS Decathlon.


In a dizzying array of 10 feats of strength between editorial and sales in New York, ICIS Chemical Business Global Editor Joseph Chang steamrolled over US Sales Manager Bernard Petersen.


The triumphant winner was presented the coveted ICIS Champion Trophy (pictured) in a ceremony in New York.

“It seemed like a hell of a lot of work – for a very small trophy,” said victorious Chang. “Bernard was a game competitor and initially gracious in the face of his devastating defeat.”


“Painful,” said Petersen. “I have many regrets, especially getting the cheaper health insurance.”


The 6-4 tally tells the tale:

Basketball – twisted ankle, played under protest – protest denied – Joe

100 meter run – pulled hammy – Bernard

400 meter run – Joe

Penalty kicks – Bernard

Tennis – Joe

Push-ups – Joe

Pool (8-ball billiards) – Bernard had it with a big lead but scratched on the 8-ball – Joe

Football (American – hitting targets) – Joe

Air hockey (somewhat Canadian) – Bernard


The 6-4 result failed to send the competitors to the much-anticipated (really, by whom?) tie-breaker – the 50-meter potato sack race.


With the 2012 Olympics in London in mind, may we draw upon the spirit of the games to come up with new challenges for the next competition – synchronized high precision-jousting anyone?


Stay tuned!


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