The best of fellow travellers

The easiest of flying companions is my son. After years of student travel on bargain Megabus or Megatrain, the world of taxis and planes holds only relieved delight for him. When a succession of airline staff bid him good morning, he replies with a surprised smile, and he picks up a free newspaper with glee as we board.


We have pre-booked the exit row with extra room for his long legs, and by mid-morning he has already eaten three breakfasts. He is not fazed by queues, the usual delays on boarding and on take off, or the fact that I have printed out our boarding passes on the back of the APIC delegate list.


He is armed with some educational reading, the “Highway Code” which stays unopened for the duration of the trip. The secrets of braking distances at 60 mph and toucan crossings remain safe within its covers for another day.


He is even interested to know about the workings of the metal detectors and microwave scanners, and says he will ask one of the security staff. I assure him that they will not know the answer.

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