The Guard – and a good cinema

theguard.jpgContains very strong language, strong violence, sex references and drug use, said the warning on the cinema website. I didn’t think that sounded like my kind of film, but “The Guard” is very funny and even quite touching. It is a story about an Irish village cop and a straight-laced FBI agent, and their fight against a gang of murdering drug smugglers.


Since most of the films I’ve seen lately have been on a small screen on a plane, it was a delight to watch in the best small cinema I have ever visited. The Curzon in Wimbledon, two floors above the HMV shop, is new and very smart, with wide blue plush seats and loads of legroom, and a rather sleek coffee bar attached. A good film on a pin-sharp wide screen with a cup of coffee in hand definitely beats watching films on planes.

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