Give your dog Petrol

petrol for dogs.jpgRexam’s annual report has excited some interest in the office today, with the discovery deep in the report of innovative packaging solutions for the world’s first foam liqueur, and even better: “a delicious dog treat beverage.”  


First for the foam liqueur, advertised for cocktails as well as after dinner moments. The Rexam report (p48) showcases “The world’s first foam liqueur -launched by Bols – powered by Rexam dispensing technology.

The Rexam pump creates two litres of foaming liqueur from a single 200ml bottle of Bols Foam.”


And for doggy fans, Rexam is packaging “Petrol for Dogs” in a can. “This savoury vet-formulated drink is not only refreshing and nutritious – dogs prefer it 4-to-1 over water. So give your best pal Petrol – and pour out the love.”

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