Berlin cheap and easy

With Berlin bathed in glorious sunshine for four straight days, there wasn’t much for delegates to moan about with regard to the location. Journeys were cheap and easy hotels in any price band were available only a few minutes’ walk away, and getting between the hotels for meetings was a short sunny stroll on the flat with not much traffic to contend with.


Queuing for taxis outside the Interconti was a bit chaotic on the Sunday as we tried to get to the Kolmar Brunch at the Charlottenburg Palace, but eventually we managed to barge our way through the disorganised mass of people. Some enterprising Dutch guys borrowed bikes from the hotel and cycled the 4 km there.


People were constantly saying they wished that the conference would go back to Monaco. One trader close to the organisers said that his company had wanted to have T-shirts printed with “We heart EPCA” on the front, and “Monaco” on the back. However, there was some recognition that in these difficult economic times, it would not be politically possible.



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