Dog raincoat boom in Japan

dog raincoats dog breeds.jpgDog raincoats are in high demand in Japan, in the aftermath of the country’s nuclear disaster, according to articles in the Times and Daily Mail this week.


Sales of the doggy coats, made from nylon or PVC, have soared by as much as 50% compared to a year ago.


Vets have warned that because dogs are closer to the ground, and tend to forage in foliage and sand, they are especially susceptible to airborne radiation, which concentrates in places where rainwater collects.


dog kimono gramercy.jpg 

Looking at Japanese website photos of pups in plastic raincoats, the Blog’s eye was caught by this dog kimono, which would have been a good gift to bring back from APIC in Fukuoka this year.


Raincoat photo: Dogbreeds UK 

Kimono photo: Gramercy Pets



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