EPCA Berlin 2011 – Mood of the conference

Buying has slowed down but there won’t be a crash like in 2008. That sums up the mood of the conference. Everyone is watching inventory levels and just buying hand to mouth.


That said, it seems like the highlight of EPCA 2011 in Berlin was Queen Noor’s speech at the luncheon on Tuesday, which the Blog was sorry to miss. Lunch guests said she was insightful and collaborative, and various grown men had expressed some weakness for her ahead of the event.


We also hear from Barry H that the Monday evening speaker, of whom Paul Hodges is a great admirer, was hilariously outrageous. His outlook for the future was pure Armageddon, Barry related when we bumped into him in the lobby.


It was full of wildly inflammatory statements like “Greece is only good for olive oil,” and “The Middle East is going up in flames.” He recommended his audience to move to the countryside and build deep bunkers to survive the coming onslaught.


A special mention among the Monday night parties goes to the Vopak and Gaschem events, of which more later … I wonder if anyone who went to Gaschem has a photo of the hosts in their Lederhosen.


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