EPCA Berlin 2011 – the journey begins

The hottest October days on record in England are forecast for this weekend, with temperatures around 30 deg C (86 F) but forsaking these pleasures I am heading for the airport for the 8.00 flight to Berlin.


Around forty schoolgirls in navy blue sweatshirts marked “Berlin 2011″ are boarding the plane ahead of me, and they certainly enjoy that flight.


The descent into Berlin is very scenic with blue waterways filled with sailing boats and miles of green forest. We spend a couple of hours walking around in the sun and having lunch outside before getting down to work.


Later in the evening, I walk down to the Mitsubishi party at the Palace Hotel with Sim, Ilona and Dejan. It is already in full swing with the customary lavish metres of sushi on display, but the heat takes its toll and a few less committed suit-wearers are seen discarding their jackets or moving out to the lobby to escape the heat. The Houston crowd say this is nothing to the summer they’ve just had.


Memorable topics of gossip: the heat; vaccinations for Equatorial New Guinea; the male/female ratio at board level; comparisons of life in Zug and Ludwigshafen; and we hear from the DeWitt guys that their conference yesterday had 50 delegates.


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