How to drive consumer demand: barking

Nestle’s new advertising campaign is aimed at one of the most resilient segments of the consumer market – dogs.


The TV ads have “squeaks, high-frequency tones and high-pitched pings, which are designed to send doges into such a frenzy that indulgent owners rush out and buy Nestle’s Beneful dog food,” I read on the plane in today’s FT Weekend.


Spending on pets has been largely recession proof. The US pet food market is three times the size of the baby food market. Several countries boast more pets than children.


If the ageing baby boomers so often cited by my fellow blogger Paul Hodges have stopped spending on big ticket items like homes and cars, and petchem companies are focusing on more niche markets, perhaps the pets sector is one to look out for. I for one am agog to see the new iPad games for cats. 

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