ICIS Training in Budapest

We are back in Budapest for ICIS Training. It is barely a year since we were here for EPCA 2010, and this time the training is in the Marriott Hotel in a big airy room overlooking the Danube and across the river up the hill to Buda. It is by far the best view we have ever had from the training room itself – although the hotel view of Table Mountain when we took ICIS Training to Capetown was pretty good too.


Our students in Budapest are from petchem companies in 10 different countries including Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the Netherlands. The three days pass in a flash, everyone puts on lots of weight, and we agree that Budapest will have a regular slot on the training calendar.


Out of season, the hotel is empty, service is over-the-top attentive, and outside it is chilly but sunny. The hotel’s lunch buffet includes four types of strudel (curd cheese, cherry, poppyseed and apple). What more can you say?


Our Hungarian reporter Janos recommends a great restaurant on the Buda side of the river, and we enjoy it so much we go back on two evenings. Roll on EPCA 2012 in Budapest.


Budapest ICIS training Oct 2011 P1010264.JPG 

Budapest ICIS training Oct 2011 P1010265.JPGBudapest ICIS training Oct 2011 P1010266.JPGPhotos

1 ICIS Training in Marriott Budapest

2 View from the window of training room

3 A delegate consults Nigel after Day One


2 Responses to ICIS Training in Budapest

  1. David 28 October, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    Except in Budapest it should be Rétes instead of strudel…

  2. Janos 21 November, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    Strudel and retes are the same. I have had them in Hungary, Germany, Austria and even in Buenos Aires in the Hungarian community restaurant where they wrote strudel/retes on the price tag. Out of interest, I have just checked the dictionary, and strudeln (the word which strudel derives from) in Hungarian means “retes” and “to roll, to whirl, to swirl” in English which is how you make a retes. You put the pastry on the table, spread the filling, roll it up and bake it. Enjoy!

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