Shale gas the answer to rising energy prices – Lord Lawson

I caught this debate on shale gas on the radio this morning as I drove in to work. In an indication of how topical the subject is in the wider media, BBC Radio 4′s flagship Today news programme had two slots on UK shale gas exploration – one at 7.15 and one at 8.15.


First there was an interview with Tim Considine, professor of energy economics at the University of Wyoming and former lead analyst for natural gas deregulation on the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, who analysed whether the UK could have a US-style shale gas revolution.


 This was followed by a debate between Professor Paul Stevens, senior energy research fellow for energy at Chatham House, and Lord Lawson, who chairs the Global Warming Policy Foundation, on the controversial plan to continue drilling following earth tremors that halted the procedure during the summer.


Click here to see the Today schedule for Tuesday 18 October 2011-10-18


Click here to hear the Considine interview


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