Images to remember – Aromatics Conference 2011

At my table at lunch on Wednesday we were discussing a particular slide in a presentation that morning. One delegate said that a year on, that would be the one thing we would remember of the conference.


It is true that visual images have an enduring quality, and that is what makes them so powerful in conveying messages.


The two pictures which will lodge in the Blog’s memory from the conference were:

1)     Shell‘s shrink-wrapped cucumber, and

2)     Bayer’s polycarbonate-glazed Bugatti Veyron.


The cucumber conveyed the message that clever plastic packaging can extend the life of fresh foods from three to 14 days, and really played into the current passion for preserving food quality and stopping the wasting of natural resources.


Bugatti Veyron.jpgThe Bugatti illustrated the theme that weight-saving plastics in cars conserve precious fuel, and can still create a thing of beauty (or fun, as the Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) speaker put it.)


Was it in the Blog’s imagination, or was that photo of the Bugatti up on the screen for a very long time, lending a much-needed element of glamour and raciness to the proceedings?

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