On late night flights

Heathrow T5 at 9.40 pm is a ghost town. There are five people in the giant BA lounge, and all the food is being cleared away. I have never flown out so late before, and the whole airport is strangely empty. I am on the third-to-last flight of the night; the last one is at 10.40 pm which, as a relatively local resident, I have to say is late enough. After mine, there is just Abuja and Tel Aviv, then nothing till 6.15 am.


contagion.jpgI am glad to see my Blackberry has survived being cleansed with a makeup remover wipe, after I read a DISGUSTING article by Carol Midgley (“For all our sakes, wash your hands” subscribers only) in the Times today about the spreading of diseases – the article was inspired by the release of the film Contagion. It makes me not want to touch anything, and I am revolted when the woman in the seat next to mine starts coughing.



Arriving the next morning in Buenos Aires in time for the start of the APLA conference, the conference hotel is still full of delegates from a urologists’ conference. This Blog is avoiding the obvious gags, but probably others will not.


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