PHOTOS: APLA 2011 in Buenos Aires

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(photo: Argentina flag made of Lego in Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport)


APLA 2011 in Buenos Aires had a record attendance of 892, with the majority of participants from Latin America, but a growing number of international delegates.


This size of conference is much more manageable than the huge EPCA, NPRA or APIC conferences – with all the activity concentrated in one hotel. It was easy to find people in the Hilton lobby, or to visit the big hospitality suites on the fifth floor or the publications’ stands on the second floor.


The Blog attended some of the conference sessions, most notably the Monday afternoon workshop session organised by APLA and IPA on the outlook for 2012, with presentations from all the main consultants in the region, who each gave a quick-fire ten-minute presentation on their allocated subjects. Our own George Martin gave a paper in Spanish on petrochemical demand and the economy.


Listening to the Spanish and Portuguese papers through simultaneous translation into English on headphones was a novel experience. It is slightly odd to watch a man but listen to a woman’s voice, and to still be listening to the speech after the speaker has left the podium, but it is still very convenient to have the translation.


Delegates from Canada and the US were not impressed to hear that while they had to pay an entry fee to Argentina at the airport of US $131, other overseas visitors did not have to pay the fee. One delegate with dual US/UK nationality was kicking himself for leaving his UK passport at home.


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ICIS stand (1)

Al Greenwood of ICIS Houston interviewing Amyris

George Martin of ICIS Houston speaks at APLA

ICIS stand (2)

ICIS stand (3)

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires: Puente de la Mujer


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