Plant-based plastics on our tables

plantbottle-infographic.jpgWe read so much about bioplastics, but now they are appearing on our tables. Coca-Cola took out a full page advert in the Times last week to trumpet the launch of its new PlantBottle ™ range in the UK. It consists of 22.5% bio-based material from renewable sources like sugarcane and up to 25% recycled PET, and is 100% recyclable.


At the same time, the Blog was surprised to find a tomato ketchup bottle on the table at the Forge in the Forest restaurant in Carmel, Ca with the message: “Guess what my bottle is made of?” It too was boasting of its bio credentials.


My fellow blogger Doris de Guzman has been writing at greater length on her Green Chemicals blog about the spread of bioplastics in fast-moving consumer goods.


heinz ketchup bottle.jpg

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