BOOKS: Zombies at Grangemouth – “World War Z”

world-war-z.jpgThe Blog had never ever read a zombie book or watched a zombie film (unless we count Sean of the Dead), and was quite happy to keep things that way until the news broke that Brad Pitt was at the INEOS Grangemouth chemicals site making a film of the zombie book “World War Z.”


Next thing I know, the Blog son had brought the book home and recommended it as a very good read. Incredulous though I was, there inevitably came a time when I was looking for something to read and gave it a go.


So now I have read it, and despite the book not having a single mention of Grangemouth or a chemical plant, it really is quite good.


It is written as a series of personal testimonies about a global pandemic and Armageddon-style total war, from the outbreak, through the war years, to the bleak aftermath. As a war memoir, it is interesting and for the most part, quite gripping, but you really have to disregard all the coverage of zombies.


You could even imagine that the writer was a war journalist who had tried his hand at popular fiction, but that is clearly not the case, because it seems that the writer has written a whole series of zombie books including a survival guide, an illustrated version and a graphic novel. The Blog is not in the least bit tempted.

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