Elephants at New Delhi Fertilizer Seminar

India elephant.JPGThe Fertiliser Association of India 2011 annual seminar took place in New Delhi last week with 1,600 delegates, amongst them ICIS’s Rebecca Clarke …


“It was my first time at the conference and also in India. I managed to get a bit of sightseeing in with a couple of hours in a car around Delhi – most of which was spent in traffic jams and with my fingers crossed that we wouldn’t get hit by anything at roundabouts where the local custom seems to be just to pull out rather than waiting for a gap in the traffic.


I visited India Gate – where I seemed to be as much of an attraction to the visiting school children with long blonde hair – and also paid a trip to the 12th Century Qutub Minar.


On the second evening I had a bit of dilemma after being invited to three different parties all at the same time – I managed to attend two of them, one of which held by Sun International, Qafco and Foskor where guests were greeted by elephants and camels at the entrance! Overall a very enjoyable experience and a worthwhile conference to attend.”


India elephant ii.JPGIndia Gate.JPG 



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