The old EPL magic in Brussels

Toby at EPL.jpgWhat was the news from EPL in Brussels on Thursday and Friday? The mood was “at best cautiously optimistic – well it won’t get any worse than it is now, right?” the Blog’s colleague Nel tweeted after meetings in the lobby.


The Blog was keen to hear how broker David P’s two-minute review of the year at the EPL dinner went, and various diners reported back that it was entertaining. How much the non-native English speakers understood of his references to quantitative easing creams and surfing analogies wasn’t clear. One diner reported back that a joke about Jossi seemed to go on for an hour.


Another shipbroker speaker had a more downbeat message for the evening, and the dinner was rounded off with a magician who called unsuspecting but sporting people up from the audience to join in his tricks. The photo shows “Toby W being zapped at the EPL,” c/o Nel.


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