What’s in a name – Havingotascoobydo?

While on the subject of horse-racing, the Blog is struck once again by the ridiculous names of these beautiful creatures.


The conventions of naming thoroughbred horses are a mystery to the Blog, but it is painful to see gorgeous sleek expensive horses with undignified names.


What were they thinking of, the owners of the hideously named “Havingotascoobydo” (Sire: Witness Box. Dam: In Blue), which came in second on Saturday?


It puts one in mind of some of the new offspring of the chemical industry, where the spin-off company name is quite unrelated to the parent companies. With all the consolidation which has been going on in the industry, particularly in the styrene space, the columns of ICIS news are bursting with articles on name changes.


The Blog is torn between the merits of traditional merger naming – ExxonMobil, Chevron Phillips – and brand new name invention  - Innovene, INEOS, etc




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