Journey to Derby

derby in snow.jpgThereis nothing like an extreme snow warning to keep the motorways nice and clear.The drive up the M1 to Derbywas a breeze with hardly any traffic and the fields on either side picturesquein their snowy coverings.

TheBlog does not spend much time on motorways, so on these rare occasions it isimpressive how much service stations have changed for the better. At Leicester it’s a Starbucks/Waitrose combo, where you canget some decent 99p pastries with coffee and a scenic view of the northboundcarriageway.

Infact bargain prices seem to be a way of life in Derby,where the glitzy new Westfieldshopping centre is side-by-side with the fantastic indoor Eagle Market, where fruitand veg, clothes, books and scooters are on display and cheap as chips.

TheBlog was reminded of a much earlier business trip to Courtaulds in Spondon, Derby in the 1980s, whenthe scene was one of devastation. The destruction of the Midlandsmanufacturing industry was written large in the post-apocalypse landscapesurrounding the surviving Courtaulds buildings. What a contrast to today, whereaccording to local websites Derby is England’s fastest-growing city for wealthcreation by GVA (Gross Value Added).


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