OIL MOVIE: Black Gold with Antonio Banderas

black gold banderas.jpg

Thecinema’s fascination with oil continues with the imminent release of “BlackGold,” a drama about the Middle Eastern oil boom, starring Antonio Banderas.

The filmis in the vein of “Lawrence of Arabia,” according to some reviews, which alsopoint to the “horror of Antonio Banderas’ miscasting as an Emir.

The plotis about two Arabian chieftains who have been at war about a piece of disputedland, the Yellow Belt. At a final truce, one chieftain, Nassib (AntonioBanderas) asks his foe, Amar (Mark Strong) to offer his two sons as hostages toNassib to guarantee there will be no further hostilities between the two inclaims over the Yellow Belt. Amar agrees and peace reigns. Fifteen years later,American prospectors for oil come to the region, and inform Nassib that thereare millions of oil reserves beneath the disputed land. Nassib allows for oilexploration to take place in the Yellow Belt, igniting a war with Amar.

UKrelease is 24 February 2012.

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