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Dog bites man at chemical conference

On my way back from registration for AFPM in the Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon, I run into Bernard who tells me that he is just back from the tropical paradise of Praia do Forte in Brazil, where he was attending the 6th EBDQUIM conference hosted by the Brazilian association of chemical and petrochemical distributors […]

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Thick fog on Saturday morning at AFPM

A thickpea-souper fog shrouds San Antonio as the jet-lagged early risers wake to theSaturday morning of AFPM (the conference formerly known as NPRA). A few suitsare already in a meeting in the breakfast room of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel,but most delegates arriving a day early are focussing on going for a run on theRiverwalk, checking […]

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Boom sales of plastic petrol cans

It isboom time for sales of plastic petrol cans in the UK, after a governmentminister mistakenly advised people to stockpile petrol at home. The UK press isfull of articles about panic buying of fuel, dry petrol stations and domesticaccidents caused by petrol storage in homes. Onearticle in Friday’s FT reported “a 225% jump in sales […]

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Contagion on the long-haul flight to Houston

I feelsorry for the guy sitting next to me on the plane to Houston, with me blowingmy nose every five minutes. Still, right after take-off he falls asleep, andstays sound asleep for five hours. How does he do that? I’ve readthe paper, done some Chinese homework and then watched a couple of films. Thesecond one […]

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Chemical advert #19: Mitsui’s “Evolved to succeed”

This full page advert for Mitsui was in today’s Financial Times. The section “Feed the World” at the foot of the page is all about Mitsui’s fertilizer marketing and trading, with a handy aide memoire on which fertilizer nourishes which part of the growing plant.

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emerson lukoil 1.jpg

Chemical adverts #18: Emerson and Lukoil in Russia’s Arctic

Emerson’s “Extreme Oil” advert is overlooking London Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 security queues. It is part of Emerson Technology’s series on “It’s never been done before,” about Lukoil’s expansion of its exports from the Timan-Pechora basin in Russia’s Arctic northwest through Varendey, the world’s northernmost oil terminal.“Weather conditions in this region are better suited for […]

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sunrise over heathrow jim muttram.jpg

Sunrise over Heathrow

Thegood thing about a business day trip from Londonto mainland Europe is that you can travelultra-light. Just a presentation on a memory stick and some business cards andyou are done. Itis an early start, but the backroads to Heathrow are bright with cherryblossom, forsythia and magnolia. Mist is coming off the agricultural fields aroundSunbury. Closer […]

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Polimeri’s new name: Eni Versalis

PolimeriEuropa has changed its name to Eni Versalis, the Blog heard on a company visittoday. Thenew name was made public by Eni’s chief executive officer Paolo Scaroni on 15March 2012 in a speech outlining the company’s strategy for 2012-2015. “Toreflect the new strategy we have renamed the business Eni Versalis. It will be expertlyled by […]

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A murmuration of starlings in Houston

(photo: Houston Chronicle) Thousandsof starlings and grackles are gathering every evening in the trees alongWestheimer and around the Galleria in Houston,the Blog was startled to see and hear on a recent visit. The noise isincredibly loud, even over the normal roar of the traffic.  The black birds wheel across the sky in greatdark clouds, and […]

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blue lake - Still from Mesocosm (Wink, TX)

Hydrocarbon art exhibition in Houston

An art exhibition exploring nature and petrochemical production is taking place in Houston at the DiverseWorks Art Space in March as part of Fotofest 2012, spotted by Ken F at the photography festival opening. “Necrocracy” by Brooklyn-based artist Marina Zurkow explores the world of hydrocarbons in video animation, drawings and sculpture. Three new video works […]

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