Thick fog on Saturday morning at AFPM

afpm banner IMG00264.jpg

A thickpea-souper fog shrouds San Antonio as the jet-lagged early risers wake to theSaturday morning of AFPM (the conference formerly known as NPRA). A few suitsare already in a meeting in the breakfast room of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel,but most delegates arriving a day early are focussing on going for a run on theRiverwalk, checking out the hotel gym or setting off shopping.

Theremaining stragglers from San Antonio’s previous conference are still wanderingaround town with their badges on. By mid-morning the sky is blue and thetemperature is set to reach 32 deg C (91 deg F). I read an article on ICIS news that AFPM attendance is expected to be well over 2,900 and possiblymore than 3,000 for the first time in a few years. 


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